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Mahabharatam is not just stories; it is a book of right living.

The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana. This is divided into two, that is Mahabharata as Karma yoga and Ramayana as Ghana yoga. The work of Mahabharata is called "Mahabharata" due to its greatest weight and highest quality. It is said that "He who understands its mere definition is released from all sin."

It is not just stories; it is a book of right living. Every letter and every word in it is filled with philosophies and devotion in the highest form. Reading the excerpts from Mahabharata makes one take the right decision. One can find solution to all the problems of day to day life explained in the shastras of Mahabharata.

This website is an attempt to make a deep analysis on Dharma Shashtras of Mahabharata. The original translation work will be carried out. In which, effort would be to present it in all the languages.

This work is firstly written in Tamil and English but the goal is to make it available in all the languages avoiding all linguistic barriers to read this great work of sage VedaVyasa. The main idea of this website is to spread the great philosophies hidden behind each letter and words in the easiest way possible to the readers.

I was greatly inspired by reading a verse which revealed my feelings and emotion and generated a great interest in reading the teachings of Mahabharata. "The Book Of Right living".

I would like to put forward that verse that inspired me greatly.

"A common man should give way to a gnani. A gnani with utmost knowledge on walking on the pavement sees a King coming on the way, then the gnani should go back and leave way for the King to move on.. If the king on his way sees a man loaded with heavy burden on his back, then a righteous king is one who moves back and leaves way for him… If a heavily loaded man with burden sees a women who is Gharbhwathy, then, how much ever load he carries, he should move back and leave way for her.. This is dharma…as taught by sage vyasa.

In this world we come without carrying anything with us and while we return back from this world too, nothing comes back with us neither this body we possess, nor a smallest part of a needle, but one thing comes along with us and that is dharma. The good deeds that we did in our life time.

It is my ardent wish that people like me, who get inspired by these teachings, make use of this website which puts forward the great teachings of Mahabharata. This work as I believe brings a great impact in one's life and guides us through in the trivial situations we face in our day to day life.

Hope this website will satisfy those people who are yearning for knowledge. This is only a beginning. We will try including verses on regular basis. It is not an easy task, but with the blessings of Sage Veda vyasa, we try our best to give to this world the culture that the young one's learned in the Gurukulam in the ancient days. In this text lies the key of upbringing our children with the right direction to become a good human being. Our main aim is to take this work to educational institutions to inculcate the teachings of dharma.

In my school days there was a book that was a non-detail text, that could be read by one self, but I wonder if there is anything as such for children in present day. In those books I first read about Yudhishtir, or Dharmar who asks more than hundred questions to Yama on all the trivial issues in the world on divinity, on religion and the division of human class in the four varnas, and the reason behind them.

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